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PRICES Audiolinux lxqt 1 year support with image $ 69 Audiolinux headless 1 year support with image $ 69 Audiolinux Raspberry 1 year support with image $ 69 Audiolinux lxqt unlimited time support $ 139
Audiolinux headless unlimited time support $ 139 Audiolinux all versions unlimited time support** $ 249 Audiolinux USB stick/SD card with shipping $ 139 Audiolinux extra year of support $ 35
Audiolinux upgrade to version 2.x/4.x $ 35
Audiolinux additional image*** $ 35 Audiolinux 10 licenses (with discount) -> contact support

** You can download headless, lxqt, Raspberry Pi4 *** If you have one image and you want another. For example if you already have lxqt and you want headless

The download link will be sent manually very soon, you could wait some hours only if you have sent the payment during CET time sleep hours...

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AudioLinux scripts and RTapp Copyright P. O.. AudioLinux image contains proprietary software. It cannot be copied without removing the corresponding software. AudioLinux is not a separate Linux distribution but only a customized Archlinux image for audio. For all legal and copyright issues please refer to The payments reported above are for support, customization work, proprietary (non-GPL) software, usb stick, shipping.  Refund is possible only if the OS does not boot (provided that the
user have tried to contact support and has given all the information needed to fix the problem)