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PRICES: Audiolinux lxqt 1 year support with image $ 49 Audiolinux headless 1 year support with image $ 49 Audiolinux BBB 1 year support with image $ 29 Audiolinux Pi3 64 bit 1 year support with images* $ 29 Audiolinux extra year of support $ 20 Audiolinux all versions unlimited time support** $ 149 Audiolinux additional image*** $ 20 Audiolinux lxqt or headless unlimited time support $ 99 Audiolinux USB stick/SD card with shipping $ 99 * 2 images, one with Raspberry kernel ** You can download headless, lxqt, BBB, Pi3
*** If you have one image and you want another.
For example if you already have lxqt and you want headless.

The download link will be sent manually very soon, you could wait some hours only if you have sent the payment during Rome time sleep hours...

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