Raspberry Pi 4 release notes (at the bottom some configuration notes)


1) Full system update

2) New custom kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.15.72-rt51-1

3) Menu 300:

Added option to remove previous mounted drives in MOUNT local drive and MOUNT remote drive in System menu
Added MEMORY BY APPLICATION in Status menu -> RAM memory
Updated option REALTIME tests in Status menu
Added System max priority to REALTIME status in Status menu
Improved display of isolated cores status
Isolated cores application list updated
Changed silence... volume from 0.01% to 0.00005% in record script (Audio Extra menu)

Some changes on the Status menu: option AUDIO IRQ monitor will display all audio IRQ. If some number is changing during play the IRQ of the corresponding line should be the right one to configure with the option in Expert menu -> REALTIME MANUAL ASSIGNMENT configuration -> 4) Configure IRQ priority
The default value is xhci that will assign realtime priority to all USB 3.0 ports
This configuration is not necessary if your DAC is the only USB device connected

Audiolinux realtime priority system switched to the proprietary application rtpriority!
rtirq will be removed
New configuration files are in /etc/rtpriority
You should exit from menu after update, restart it and reconfigure realtime priority with the options in System menu or Expert menu
Now is possible to give priority to the specific IRQ of your audio card instead of giving priority to all USB devices or internal cards For this you should go to Expert menu -> REALTIME MANUAL ASSIGNMENT configuration -> 4) Configure IRQ priority
Profile script updated to new cpu scaling configuration and new realtime priority method

Installing audio applications in Update mneu will clean cache also
Web Interface 2 script-server updated to 1.18.0
Added options TIMEZONE and KEYBOARD to Main menu
Changed systemd configuration to avoid Sleep/Hibernation
NTFS driver updated to ntfs3 by Paragon in local mount script

Added option FILE EDITOR local/remote to System menu
This option will configure Midnight Commander Editor with the left section displaying local files and the right section remote files of a computer in your network
The remote PC must have sftp enabled
This is useful if you want to to copy, move or delete files in headless version of Audiolinux

File /etc/makepkg.conf configured for using all available cores during compression
Copy/Backup option in System menu now supports SD cards


1) Full system update

2) New custom kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.15.56-rt48-1

3) Menu 223:

Digital volume set automatically to 100% selecting Audio menu
Added available updates option in UPDATE section of Web Interface 2
Added available kernel update in both Web interfaces
Removed static card indexing on MPD and Squeezelite configuration
Added option 4 HQPLAYER root enable/disable for compatibility with HQPlayer dongle
Option 12 SUPPORT logs in Main menu will now display a download link
Added option 8 DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Audiolinux to another drive to system menu
This option will download and install Audiolinux to another drive (clean installation)
If you want instead to install the current running installation to another disk, you should select the option COPY/BACKUP
Fix to systemd speedlimit service starting before network is established
Added options for DSD to Squeezelite configuration (Audio menu)
Updated Web Interface 2 menu. Now options are displayed in the same order as in Web Interface 1


1) Full system update with more than 140 packages updated

2) New custom kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.15.44-rt46-2

3) Menu 222:

Added new Audio extra menu with new items and moved some options from Expert and Audio menu:
1 CD rip
2 CONVERT/UPSAMPLE audio files to DSD or PCM
3 RECORD playing audio (from streaming or file)
4 ALSA system wide configuration
5 RAVENNA/AES67 audio over IP installation
6 CAMILLADSP installation (TESTING)
7 DIRETTA host installation
8 PLAY FROM RAM load music to RAM
9 PLAY FROM RAM configuration
Added option 0 MAIN MENU to all sub-menu and removed button Cancel, Now you can exit from menu selecting 13 EXIT on Main menu
Improved menu system avoiding loops
Added option 12 SUPPORT logs to Main Menu.This option will save Audiolinux journal, dmesg, HQPlayer log files and Audiolinux system status for support
More complete CPU load option using htop
Added new option MAC spoofing to Expert menu. Sometime, if you have installed 2 Audiolinux computers connected to a router on the same network, only one could be available because they could have the same MAC address. With this script you can change the MAC of one of the two computers
Added hostname to system status and network status
Added new option 7 COPY/BACKUP current installation to another drive in System menu
Added available updates to Install/Update menu
Added 2 new options in Expert menu:
9 LINUX JOURNAL enable/disable
10 LINUX WATCHDOG enable/disable
You could disable Journal and Watchdog if you want to improve performance and you plan to leave your system running for a long time
You will see however some false errors at boot
WEB INTERFACE 1 will now use Wetty (much better than shellinabox)


Menu 219
Critical fix: ramroot enabled but not active after a reboot

Added DIRETTA option for setting Ethernet interface instead of edit option for compatibility with Web Interface 2


1) Full system update

2) New kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.10.52-6-rt47 (LTS)

3) Menu 214 with

Added options for RECORD and DIRETTA in Web Interface 2

System is ready to install DIRETTA alsa kernel driver and daemon in the next weeks
If you want to install it now, please contact support
For more information: https://www.diretta.link/

Added new option 11 RECORD playing audio (from streaming or file)
This new script will record the audio output, whether the source is from a local file or from internet
The audio application output must be set to Loopback device 0, for example Loopback,DEV=0

Added extreme2 boot option. You should have a very good cooling system if you select this option

Fixed MPD configuration script in Web Interface 2
Ramroot configuration script now set boot default to yes if ramroot enabled (it could change to no after a package update)
Added WiFi speed in Network status
Added folder /opt/configuration/scriptserver where you can add your custom items for Web Interface 2. These files will be copied back to /opt/script-server/conf/runners/ in case of a menu update
Simplified display of isolated cores status
Since cpuset is no more available, cpusset-git has been installed (isolated cores)


1) Full system update

2) New kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.10.52-6-rt47 (LTS)

3) Menu 209 with
Fix to update menu script
Fix to update kernel script
Added the option 15 OVERLAYS edit in EXPERT menu. You can edit directly the file /boot/config.txt or add overlay from a list
Now MPD and Squeezelite configuration scripts will set DAC number. After a reboot the number will not change.


1) Full system update

2) Menu 205 with

Various internal improvements and fixes

Added new Audiolinux repository to pacman.conf

Camilla DSP! New options:
In Expert menu 'CAMILLADSP installation'. This script will install and configure Camilla DSP - a flexible linux IIR and FIR engine for crossovers, room correction etc
In Audio menu added 'CAMILLADSP start and enable' and 'CAMILLADSP GUI start and enable'
You can access Camilla DSP configuration at ipaddress:5002

New Audio conversion script in Expert menu:
1) SET your music directory
2) SET DSD sampling frequency
3) SET PCM sampling frequency
4) CONVERT PCM flac/wav/mp3 to DSD dsf
5) CONVERT DSD dff to DSD dsf
6) CONVERT DSD dff/dsf to PCM flac
7) UPSAMPLE/CONVERT PCM flac/wav/mp3 to PCM flac
8) UPSAMPLE/CONVERT DSD dff/dsf to DSD dsf
9) SET DSD extra conversion parameters (for experts)
10) SET PCM extra conversion parameters (for experts)
11) View, copy, move, delete your music files

AUDIOLINUX ACCURATE CD RIP script with the following options:
1) Find the offset of your CD player
2) Set your music directory
3) RIP to flac
4) Edit configuration (templates etc.)

Improved MUSIC2RAM script: now show available memory and added music folders after adding files to RAM. Fixed bug in reboot restore.
General cleaning of scripts
Improved squeezelite configuration script now using the form hw:x,x for audio card

NEW! UPnP server - configuration at ipaddress:9790

Added hqplayerd to rtapp list of applications

Added option for hqplayerd start in Web Interface 2


1) New Audiolinux OS 64 bit with custom realtime kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.10.25-1-rt35

Now you can use the full memory of 8GB with ramroot.

2) Menu 200 with the possibility to install hqplayer-embedded


1) Full system update

2) New realtime kernel linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.10.25-1-rt35

3) menu 113 with

Forced update to ramroot version 2.0.1-2

Fix to Shairport-sync installation

Fix to spotify installation script in Update menu. spotifyd-slim now substituted by spotifyd


1) Full system update

2) menu 111 with

Updated list of audio applications with high priority if running (rtapp)

Fix to MPD configuration script. Now you should give the full path of your music directory

Message if the user start menu as root user (You should not do that...)

Improved remote mount script. Now it will display the content of /etc/fstab and you can select the option "Umount it and delete the corresponding line in /etc/fstab" if you have made a mistake. Fix to NTFS mount

Added application install and remove in WEB Interface 2 at ipaddress:5001

Fix to Network speedlimit script. Added option to reduce speed to 10 Mb/s


1) Full system update

2) Kernel updated to linux-raspberry4-rt version 5.4.69-1-rt39 (custom kernel only for Audiolinux)

3) Menu 109 with

New option 1 "REALTIME MANUAL ASSIGNMENT configuration" configuration" in EXPERT menu. This is a great news, since now you can set priority for IRQ, APPLICATION and NETWORK and see a summary with 0 "SHOW configuration" in main menu. This script is available only on Audiolinux and is using proprietary code.

ISOLATE CORES option 16 "ISOLATED CPU CORES configuration" completely changed. Now you can isolate and... de-isolate CPU cores without changing kernel line and reboot. The effects are immediate!

7 "ISOLATED CORES Assign core to application" in expert menu also changed with the new isolated cores configuration. Applications can use different cores and configured without restarting. An application is checking the isolation status periodically and will make the necessary changes.

Improved 0 "SHOW configuration" in main menu now show also which applications are running in which core.

Added buffer option to 9 "SQUEEZELITE select DAC and buffer" in audio menu

Now in Web Interface at ipaddres:5001 the various menus are in different folders. A lot more easy to use!

Many other little changes and fixes and a general cleaning of scripts removing duplicates.

Simplified Realtime Priority summary on SHOW configuration and some other minor fixes

Main menu will try only 2 times to download new version number to avoid too long waiting time if Internet connection is down or slow. Menu update script will download menu file only if necessary

Since the package spotifyd-bin is no more available, it has been replaced by spotifyd-slim

Now after installing this package and logitechmediaserver-git all packages needed only for compilation are removed, to save disk space

Profile scripts updated to the new options


1) New Web Interface at ipaddress:5001

2) Full system update


1) Full system update

2) Many fixes to menu

3) Ready to use with Pimoroni Heatsink and Fan Shim. To enable the service: sudo systemctl enable fanshim and reboot


Realtime kernel Raspberry 4.19.71-1-rt24-ARCH

Very good CPU latency with a variation in test of only 5us max, 2us avg!

[root@raspberry audiolinux]# cyclictest  -l 10000 -m -Sp98 -i100 -d0
# /dev/cpu_dma_latency set to 0us
policy: fifo: loadavg: 3.72 1.93 0.76 1/166 15651         

T: 0 (15648) P:98 I:100 C:  10000 Min:      4 Act:    4 Avg:    4 Max:      14
T: 1 (15649) P:98 I:100 C:   9725 Min:      4 Act:    6 Avg:    4 Max:      10
T: 2 (15650) P:98 I:100 C:   9463 Min:      4 Act:    4 Avg:    4 Max:       9
T: 3 (15651) P:98 I:100 C:   9150 Min:      4 Act:    5 Avg:    4 Max:      10

Ramroot possible with 4GB model


         0 "PROFILES menu"
         1 "AUDIO menu"
         2 "SYSTEM menu"
         3 "STATUS menu"
         4 "INSTALL/UPDATE menu"
         5 "EXPERT menu"
         6 "Show configuration"
         7 "Console mode"
         8 "SAVE System (if in ram mode)"
         9 "Poweroff"
         10 "Reboot"


         1 "FILE EDITOR"
         2 "FILE EDITOR root"
         3 "MOUNT local drive"
         4 "MOUNT remote drive"     
         5 "CLEAN system"
         6 "RESIZE AL partition (if in ram mode)"
         7 "FORMAT extra drive"
         8 "NETWORK configuration (Bridge, DHCP, Static IP)"
         9 "WiFi"
         10 "REALTIME PRIORITY to standard or extreme"      
         11 "RAMROOT enable/disable (reboot after)"
         12 "RAMROOT configuration"
         13 "BOOT mode to Extreme, Standard or Custom"
         14 "OVERLAYS configuration"
         15 "CPU SPEED to performance or ondemand"
         16 "ISOLATED CPU CORES configuration"
         17 "SAVE System (if in ram mode)"


         1 "SHOW audio services"
         2 "STOP and disable all running audio services"
         3 "HQPLAYER start and enable (not available)"
         4 "ROONSERVER start and enable (not available)"
         5 "ROONBRIDGE start and enable"
         6 "NAA start and enable"
         7 "AIRPLAY start and enable"
         8 "SQUEEZELITE select DAC"
         9 "SQUEEZELITE start and enable"
         10 "LMS start and enable"
         11 "MPD select DAC, music directory and buffer"
         12 "MPD start and enable"
         13 "MPD UPnP start and enable"
         14 "SPOTIFY start and enable"
         15 "SAVE System (if in ram mode)"


         1 "Install/Update Roonbridge"
         2 "Install/Update HQPlayer embedded (not available)"
         3 "Install/Update NAA"
         4 "Update kernel (for expert users)"
         5 "System update (for expert users)"
         6 "Update audiolinux menu"
         7 "Install/Update MPD"
         8 "Install/Update UPnP for MPD"
         9 "Install/Update Logitech Media Server"
         10 "Install/Update Squeezelite"
         11 "Install/Update Spotify"
         12 "Install/Update Shairport-sync"
         13 "Remove installed audio applications"
         14 "SAVE System (if in ram mode)"


         1 "Assign a specific isolated core to audio applications"
         2 "REALTIME EXPERT CONFIGURATION enable/disable"
         3 "REALTIME MANUAL ASSIGNMENT enable/disable"
         4 "ETHERNET speed limit"
         5 "WEB INTERFACE enable/disable"
         6 "ALSA system wide configuration"
         7 "SAMBA SERVER enable/disable"
         8 "SAMBA SERVER add share"
         9 "ENABLE/DISABLE bluetooth"
         10 "ENABLE/DISABLE WiFi"
         11 "SAVE System (if in ram mode)"


         1 "Green"
         2 "Orange (default)"
         3 "Red"
         4 "Auto (generated by menus)"
         5 "Copy Auto to Custom"
         6 "Custom1"
         7 "Custom2"
         8 "Custom3"

Example configuration:


# RTMANUAL: realtime manual assignment        "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# RTEXPERT: realtime expert configuration     "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# PRIORITY: realtime priority             "standard", "extreme"
# CPUSPEED: CPU frequency             "performance", "ondemand" not available in realtime kernel
# BOOT: boot mode                   "standard", "extreme", "custom"
# If you have configured boot mode with "SET CPU C-states" in Expert menu, set this to an empty value
# ISOLATED: isolate a set of cores               "0" disabled, <core number> (first is 0, not available) or an interval of cores
# For example 1-2 will isolate core 1,2 / 1-3 wil isolate core 1,2,3 / 2 will isolate only core 2
# If enabled, all audio services will be disabled and hyper-threading disabled even if set to 1 (enabled) on this configuration file
# You can re-enable your audio services after reboot
# ISOLATEDIRQ: isolate audio irqs                "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# This will disable C-state configuration in expert menu
# SAMBA: samba server                 "1" enabled, "0" disabled

# IMPORTANT: if value is empty your configuration will not be changed.
# This is useful if you have applied some special configuration, for example if you have activated C-state in expert menu
# Example: BOOT=""


For Allo DigiOne, you should add the line
to /boot/config.txt

For Metrum Ambre, you should add the line

to /boot/config.txt

For Allo boss, you should add the line

to /boot/config.txt

For I2S DAC (this configuration was tested on a rpi3/Sllo isolator/Kali reclocker/Soekris 1121 DAC)

For disabling LEDs


For a full list of Raspberry options: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/overclocking.md