Audiolinux headless release notes

Version 1.4.0

1) Full system update

2) Kernel updated to 4.19.37-rt19-1-rt-bfq no NUMA

2) Menu updated to version 119 with

- Added status (kernel, Boot mode, Isolated cores, Priority etc.) to the main menu

- Hyper-Threading disabled as default

- New option "SET CPU C-states" in expert menu. The script will set CPU sleep states with a systemd service instead of kernel line option. This is an alternative method to the option "SET boot to Extreme, Extreme2 or Standard" in configuration menu which eventually allows to set different sleep states for isolated cores. This way you can set to Extreme only selected cores and leave the other in standard mode. This method will disable the other one

- Now user files are stored in the folder /opt/configuration
This way your expert menu configuration will not be lost after a menu update

- Added the option to enable/disable web interface

Version 1.3.0

1) Full system update

2) Menu updated to version 114 with

- fix for local mount script (in some cases the drive was not added to /etc/fstab)

- "Set Ethernet speed limit" in Expert menu

- "Load music to memory" in main menu and "ENABLE/DISABLE play music from memory" in the configuration menu

- From now on if you select standard, extreme boot or isolated cores you will always boot with the boot option audiolinux. The scripts will change the parameters of this option accordingly. Now the system is compatible with both kernels RT 5.x and RT-BFQ 4.19.x

Version 1.2.0

1) Full system update

2) Kernel updated to 4.19.31-rt18 no NUMA

3) Menu updated to version 110 with WiFi configuration, Format extra drive, Expert menu (Minimize your system, Realtime expert configuration, Alsa system wide configuration file), updated clone script with the option to choose the audiolinux partition size and make an extra partition for your music, option to set MPD DAC and play from memory
WiFi menu

Version 1.1.2

1) Roon unique identity fix

Version 1.1.1

1) Full system update

2) Menu updated to version 106 with fix for new upmpdcli package

3) Manual update of pstate-frequency because of bug in previous version

Version 1.1

1) Full system update

2) Kernel updated to l4.19.25-rt16-9-rt-bfq

3) Menu updated to version 105

4) Changed time update to systemd sync

Version 0.9

1) Full system update

2) Menu updated to version 090 with the option to isolate CPU cores and copy installation to another drive

3) Minor fixes

Version 0.8

1) Kernel updated to linux-rt-bfq-

2) Full system update

3) Menu updated to version 084 with hard disk mount option and file-system resize in ram mode

4) Added system time update at boot