Audiolinux lxqt release notes

Version 3.2.0

1) Kernel updated to 4.19.15-rt12-4-rt-bfq

2) Full system update

3) New lxqt version 0.14

4) Changed time update to systemd sync

5) Menu updated to version 103

Version 3.1.0

1) Kernel updated to linux-rt-bfq-

2) Full system update

3) Headless style Menu updated to version 083.

4) Added system time update at boot

5) Changed default font to ttf-droid for Chinese fonts display

6) Switched to systemd network as in headless version

7) Changed UUID of ext4 and vfat UEFI partitions. This way you can boot with USB stick also if you have audiolinux installed on internal drive