Raspberry release notes

1.0 Raspberry

1) Full system update

2) Kernel updated to 4.19.83 Raspberry

3) ssh changed to sshd service (no more socket for security reasons)

4) New aur package manager yay

5) Completely redesigned Menu 100 with


         0 "PROFILES menu"
         1 "AUDIO menu"
         2 "SYSTEM menu"
         3 "STATUS menu"
         4 "INSTALL/UPDATE menu"
         5 "EXPERT menu"
         6 "Show configuration"
         7 "Console mode"
         8 "Poweroff"
         9 "Reboot"


         1 "FILE EDITOR"
         2 "FILE EDITOR root"
         3 "MOUNT local drive"
         4 "MOUNT remote drive"  
         5 "CLEAN system"
         6 "FORMAT extra drive"
         7 "NETWORK configuration (Bridge, DHCP, Static IP)"
         8 "WiFi"
         9 "REALTIME PRIORITY to standard or extreme"
         10 "BOOT mode to Extreme, Standard or Custom"
         11 "OVERLAYS configuration"
         12 "CPU SPEED to performance or ondemand"
         13 "ISOLATED CPU CORES configuration"


         1 "SHOW audio services"
         2 "STOP and disable all running audio services"
         3 "HQPLAYER start and enable (not available)"
         4 "ROONSERVER start and enable (if installed)"
         5 "ROONBRIDGE start and enable"
         6 "NAA start and enable"
         7 "AIRPLAY start and enable"
         8 "SQUEEZELITE select DAC"
         9 "SQUEEZELITE start and enable"
         10 "LMS start and enable"
         11 "MPD select DAC, music directory and buffer"
         12 "MPD start and enable"
         13 "MPD UPnP start and enable"
         14 "SPOTIFY start and enable"


         1 "Install/Update Roon"
         2 "Install/Update HQPlayer embedded (not available)"
         3 "Install/Update NAA"
         4 "System update"
         5 "Update audiolinux menu"
         6 "Install/Update MPD"
         7 "Install/Update UPnP for MPD"
         8 "Install/Update Logitech Media Server"
         9 "Install/Update Squeezelite"
         10 "Install/Update Spotify"
         11 "Install/Update Shairport-sync"
         12 "Remove installed audio applications"


         1 "Assign a specific isolated core to audio applications"
         2 "REALTIME EXPERT CONFIGURATION enable/disable (not active)"
         3 "REALTIME MANUAL ASSIGNMENT enable/disable"
         4 "ETHERNET speed limit"
         5 "WEB INTERFACE enable/disable"
         6 "ALSA system wide configuration"
         7 "SAMBA SERVER enable/disable"
         8 "SAMBA SERVER add share"


         1 "Green"
         2 "Orange (default)"
         3 "Red"
         4 "Auto (generated by menus)"
         5 "Copy Auto to Custom"
         6 "Custom1"
         7 "Custom2"
         8 "Custom3"

Example configuration:


# RTMANUAL: realtime manual assignment        "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# RTEXPERT: realtime expert configuration     "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# PRIORITY: realtime priority             "standard", "extreme"
# CPUSPEED: CPU frequency             "performance", "ondemand"
# BOOT: boot mode                  "standard", "extreme"
# If you have configured boot mode with "SET CPU C-states" in Expert menu, set this to an empty value
# ISOLATED: isolate a set of cores               "0" disabled, <core number> (first is 0, not available) or an interval of cores
# For example 1-2 will isolate core 1,2 / 1-3 wil isolate core 1,2,3 / 2 will isolate only core 2
# If enabled, all audio services will be disabled and hyper-threading disabled even if set to 1 (enabled) on this configuration file
# You can re-enable your audio services after reboot
# ISOLATEDIRQ: isolate audio irqs                "1" enabled, "0" disabled
# This will disable C-state configuration in expert menu
# SAMBA: samba server                 "1" enabled, "0" disabled

# IMPORTANT: if value is empty your configuration will not be changed.
# This is useful if you have applied some special configuration, for example if you have activated C-state in expert menu
# Example: BOOT=""


0.7 Raspberry

1) Full system update

0.6 Raspberry

1) Full system update

2) Menu 06

3) Kernel update to 4.19.x Raspberry

0.6 64 bit

1) Full system update

2) Menu 06

3) Kernel update to 5.x

4) Now with HQPlayer embedded and naa!

5) Headless as default. You can enable LXQt graphic Desktop in menu



1) Full system update

2) New menu similar to standard audiolinux headless

3) Web interface at http://ipaddress:8500

4) Kernel update (in 64 bit version kernel 4.20.x)

5) Added system time update at boot


32 bit version: Headless, Full menu with update options, naa, roonbridge, lms, squeezelite, mpd with UPnP, AirPlay, kernel raspberry 4.19.x

--> The 64 bit version is using the very last kernel, but if you want the usual raspberry drivers (for example if you use Allo DigiOne) or NAA you must use the other version.

MPD configuration file: /home/audiolinux/.mpdconf
SQUEEZELITE configuration file: /etc/squeezelite.conf

For Allo DigiOne, you should add the line
to /boot/config.txt

For Metrum Ambre, you should add the line

to /boot/config.txt

For Allo boss, you should add the line

to /boot/config.txt

For I2S DAC (this configuration was tested on a rpi3/Sllo isolator/Kali reclocker/Soekris 1121 DAC)

--> You can find all possible overlays in /boot/overlays/

For a better performance, you can (as root):

1) Add the following configuration in /boot/config.txt taking out # in front of the lines*:
arm_freq=1200 # default 600. max 1400 on rpi3 B+
core_freq=500 # default 250
force_turbo=1 # Prevent regulation of speed down to 600Mhz when idling
boot_delay=1 # Avoid sdcard corruption when force_turbo is enabled

* enabling turbo mode could invalidate warranty, overclocking Raspberry is at your risk

For a full list of overclocking options: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/overclocking.md

2) Blacklist Bluetooth, WiFi or internal audio card taking out # in front of the lines in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
# Backlist bluetooth
blacklist bluetooth
blacklist btqca
blacklist btsdio
blacklist btintel
blacklist hci_uart
blacklist btbcm

# Blacklist WiFi
blacklist brcmfmac
blacklist brcmutil
blacklist cfg80211
blacklist rfkill

# Blacklist internal audio card
blacklist snd_rawmidi
blacklist snd_usbmidi_lib
blacklist snd_seq_device
blacklist snd_bcm2835

With these optimization you can have a nice CPU latency:

[audiolinux@raspberry rt-tests]$ ./cyclictest  -l 10000 -m -Sp98 -i100 -d0
# /dev/cpu_dma_latency set to 0us
policy: fifo: loadavg: 1.24 0.34 0.12 1/187 548         

T: 0 (  545) P:98 I:100 C:  10000 Min:      5 Act:    5 Avg:    6 Max:      62
T: 1 (  546) P:98 I:100 C:   9879 Min:      5 Act:    7 Avg:    5 Max:      32
T: 2 (  547) P:98 I:100 C:   9802 Min:      5 Act:    9 Avg:    6 Max:      41
T: 3 (  548) P:98 I:100 C:   9686 Min:      5 Act:    7 Avg:    5 Max:      38